The eclectic tapestry of exploration and a culinary extravaganza at The Running Horse Inn

The eclectic tapestry of exploration and a culinary extravaganza at The Running Horse Inn

Greetings to all adventure seekers and foodies! Join me today as I take you on a leisurely tour of the quaint city of Winchester, where The Running Horse Inn is the starting point for a plethora of adventures that go far beyond its delicious restaurant.

The Running Horse Inn's Allure

The Running Horse Inn, tucked away in Winchester's charming alleyways, invites with its intimate atmosphere, historic charm, and food that honours the depth of regional ingredients. Imagine yourself curled up in a cosy nook with a great wine in your hand and the scents of freshly made food filling the air around you. This would be the ideal start to a day full of exploration.

A Harmony of flavours

Let's pause to enjoy the flavour symphony that The Running Horse Inn has put together before we dive into the many experiences that Winchester has in store. Each meal honours the region's culinary legacy, from tender steaks from neighbouring farms to delectable vegetarian dishes brimming with local flavours. The attentive service and rustic charm of the environment create a memorable setting for a leisurely eating experience.

Outdoor Escapades

  • Meandering Trails and Hiking Havens
    Winchester is a refuge for walkers and hikers, and The Running Horse Inn is well situated as your base for exploring this beautiful area if you find comfort in the embrace of nature. St. Catherine's Hill is attractive with its meandering paths and expansive vistas of the surrounding area and city. Put on your hiking boots and enjoy the clean Hampshire air while exploring this work of art created by nature.
  • Pedal Power
    Cycling enthusiasts, rejoice! Cycling paths through charming villages and gorgeous scenery may be found in Winchester. Offering a comfortable base from which to explore the South Downs National Park, the Running Horse Inn is the ideal starting place for your cycling excursions.

Culinary Alternatives Beyond The Running Horse Inn

As the day progresses, Winchester unveils a culinary scene that reaches farther from where we began. Restaurants and bars, each with a distinct charm of their own, encourage you to enjoy the regional cuisine.

  • The Chesil Rectory
    Enjoy a blend of classic and contemporary fare at Winchester's oldest pub, The Chesil Rectory, while you lose yourself in its historic charm. For anyone looking for a distinctive dining experience, it's a must-visit with its mediaeval architecture and a menu featuring the finest local products.
  • The Wykeham Arms
    Come to The Wykeham Arms to experience the traditional English pub atmosphere, complete with a large assortment of drinks and substantial pub meals. Tucked down close to Winchester Cathedral, it's the ideal location for a refreshment after exploring.
  • The Bridge Inn
    The Bridge Inn, which is situated along the picturesque Itchen River, provides a calm atmosphere for a leisurely lunch. It's a great place to relax after a day of exploring, with a varied meal and a variety of local brews.
  • The Willow Tree
    The Willow Tree offers a modern eating experience. For those who want contemporary takes on classic cuisine, it's a lovely option due to its chic decor and menu that highlights fresh ingredients.

Cultural Immersions

  • Winchester Cathedral Chronicles
    The breathtaking Winchester Cathedral, a living monument to centuries of history and architectural wonders, is just a short stroll from The Running Horse Inn. Discover the ancient crypt, take in the beauty of the gardens, and allow the grandeur of the cathedral to take you back in time.
  • The Great Hall and Wolvesey Castle Tales
    The Great Hall, the site of the fabled Round Table, a symbol of Arthurian mythology, is a must-see for history buffs. The Old Bishop's Palace, often called Wolvesey Castle, is close by and whispers tales from the past. These historical treasures provide a fascinating look into Winchester's rich and illustrious past and are conveniently located near the restaurant.

Educational Oases

  • Winchester Science Centre Wonders
    The interactive displays and fascinating live scientific presentations at Winchester Scientific Centre make it an ideal family-friendly adventure destination. Conveniently situated next to the Running Horse Inn, this educational refuge encourages inquiry and lets the scientist in you shine.
  • Seasons Cookery School
    Have you been influenced by The Running Horse Inn's delicious offerings? Improve your culinary abilities at Seasons Cookery School, where practical lessons reveal the techniques for creating tasty meals using products that are acquired locally.

Recreational Activities

  • Golfing Galore
    Golf lovers, rejoice! The Winchester Golf Academy is the ideal place to improve your swing because of its tranquil location amidst Hampshire's stunning scenery.
  • Hinton Ampner House and Garden Strolls
    A leisurely stroll around the charming gardens of Hinton Ampner House is ideal for visitors looking for peace and quiet. Only a short distance from the busy city, relax among immaculately maintained landscapes while taking in the beauties of nature and history.

Artistic Sojourns

  • Ilfra - Paintings Palette
    Art enthusiasts might visit the nearby gallery Ilfra - Paintings, which features the creations of renowned painters. Take in the strong local art scene and incorporate some cultural activities into your Winchester schedule.
  • Winchester City Mill
    Visit Winchester City Mill, a functioning watermill that provides an insight into the city's past as a milling community, for a taste of history. Just a short stroll from The Running Horse Inn, it is tucked away in the centre of Winchester.


Discover how Winchester unfolds as a tapestry of experiences just waiting to be discovered as you savour the delicious fare at The Running Horse Inn. Every day offers fresh experiences, ranging from outdoor misadventures to cultural immersions, relaxing activities, and gastronomic detours. Allow the allure of this ancient city to enchant you, and may your dining and travel experiences in Winchester be nothing short of remarkable! We toast to delicious food, wonderful company, and treasured memories! Watch this space for more stories from Winchester's heart!

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